An Alabama appellate lawyer can help you get justice at any point after an initial verdict or judgment. There are a number of reasons why you may want to contact the appeal lawyers at the Alabama Law Offices of Buntin, Etheredge, And Fowler, including inadequate or inefficient legal counsel during your initial trial, a violation of your civil rights during the proceedings, or any suspected judicial misconduct perpetrated by the judge during your trial. Our attorneys also practice in Montgomery, Mobile, Birmingham, Dothan, Huntsville, Florence, Gadsden, Tuscaloosa, and the rest of the state of Alabama.

At the Law Offices of Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler, our practice consists of experienced appellate law attorneys. We work in both criminal and civil appellate law, and our Alabama appeal lawyers are experienced professionals in their field. They know that appellate law takes a particular kind of experience and our Dothan, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Huntsville, Alabama lawyers are known for their well researched briefs and clear and thorough oral arguments.

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Criminal Habeas Corpus Petitions in Alabama

Criminal appeals make up a large part of our practice at Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler. Our Alabama appeal lawyers deal with many criminal appeals, including habeas corpus petitions. The appeals process allows the defendant to correct problems in the trial process or procedural errors that may have resulted in an erroneous conviction. Our Alabama lawyers focus on sentencing reduction, reduced probation requirements, and total overturning of convictions, and they can help you. Appeals in criminal cases are based on the desire to introduce evidence or objections to some aspect of the trial, introduced by the defending party. We can enter such an objection for you.

Alabama Appeal Lawyers

Another major part of our practice at Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler is civil cases. In the arena of civil cases, Buntin, Etheredge, & Fowler Alabama lawyers have been known to both prosecute and defend, and have argued in healthcare cases, business law, environmental law, federal drug charges, intellectual property disputes, white-collar crime, foreclosures, and more. Our Alabama lawyers can provide legal advice and offer powerful arguments before the court.

Civil Appeals in Alabama

Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler Alabama appeal lawyers practice in courts across the state, including the Alabama Supreme Court. Contact us by phone or through our website today for a free consultation. Let us work with you on your appellate case. Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler brings pride and passion to our legal practice and believes in the pursuit of winning the trial on appeal. We can make a difference for you.

If you’ve been incorrectly convicted of a crime, offering your innocence might be challenging. For this purpose, getting in touch with experienced Alabama appellate lawyers, like the ones at the Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler Law Firm will be your defense.

In Alabama, Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler Law is available to clients in need of a court case appeal in either the federal, civil or criminal court systems. The Law Offices of Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler, with its years of legal know-how, has the knowledge to represent you within the Alabama appellate court system. All initial consultations are free with Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler. You have the right to know if your rights were fully protected during your previous pre-trial or trial where the findings may not have turned out as you had expected. Contact an Alabama appeals law firm 334-793-3377.

Do You Need an Alabama Appellate Attorney?

You may need to hire a lawyer who is experienced with appeals in Alabama if…

You recently lost at trial in Alabama.

Your current lawyer is not experienced or comfortable with writing Alabama appeals.

You want to determine if your case may be perfected for appeal in Alabama.

You are going to trial in an Alabama case where  your legal team needs an experienced appeals attorney focused exclusively on preserving error for subsequent appeal.

You want to file a writ of habeas corpus.