Termite Damage Claims

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Termite damage to homes and commercial properties represent huge, unexpected, financial losses for the individuals and businesses.  What may appear to be relatively minor damage to window sills and baseboards is often only a glimpse of the devastating destruction in the unseen areas inside your walls and floor systems.

If you received a Wood Infestation Inspection Report in connection with the purchase of your home or business property and soon thereafter discovered termite damage or if you have maintained a termite control contract on your home or business and despite the treatment have had termite damage you may have a claim.

Our firm filed its first termite related lawsuit in 1985 and since that time have devoted a large percentage of our practice and resources to fighting the pest control industry and their insurance companies for the compensation which our clients deserve.

Termite companies often disclaim responsibility for damage or attempt to reduce the amount of your claim.  The tactics used include:

  • “You’ve had a water leak and it destroyed the effectiveness of the chemicals, we’re not responsible.”
  • “That’s not termite damage, that’s wood rot and we’re not responsible”
  • “We’ll replace this section of baseboard but if you want to open up the wall that will be at your expense. Look’s like we caught them early anyway.”
  • “That swarm came from an old stump in the yard. I don’t know how they got inside, but their all dead now.”
  • “It’s your fault, you dug up the chemical when you planted those bushes. We’re not going to pay.”
  • “You only have a re-treat contract not a repair contract. We only have to re-treat.”

The pest control industry has years of experience in bullying and misleading its customers into believing that it has no liability for the damage done.

Utilizing our extensive experience, in a large majority of the cases investigated, we are able to discover deficiencies or inadequacies in the treatment performed and/or the chemical used in the initial treatment.  Those deficiencies and inadequacies can render the pest control company liable for the repair of the property damage and for the payment of other damages to compensate the homeowner, including, in some instances punitive damages.

Termite Litigation Verdicts

Verdicts and settlements

Buntin, Etheredge & Fowler is an experienced termite litigation law firm  representing clients in the Southeastern states.  We have been involved in pest control related litigation for more than 30 years, always as legal advocates for property owners who have suffered damages.

The following are representative of some of the cases in which we have provided representation of home and business owners in termite and pest related matters.

  • Bates vs. Orkin Exterminating, Co.
  • Butler vs. Allied-Bruce Terminix
  • Chancey vs. Tabor Termite & Pest Control
  • Chow vs. Orkin Exterminating, Co.
  • Clements vs. Allied-Bruce Terminix
  • Colbert vs. Champion Pest Control
  • Conrad v. Orkin Exterminating Co.
  • Cutler vs. Orkin Exterminating Co.
  • Ducker vs. Cook’s Pest Control
  • Fieldcrest vs. Allied-Bruce Terminix
  • Ford vs. Champion Pest Control
  • Gaston vs. Orkin Exterminating Co.
  • Godrey vs. Killingsworth Pest Control
  • Granger vs. Terminix International
  • Harrell v. Arrow Exterminating Co.,
  • Hatcher vs. Dickerson Pest Control
  • Holland vs. Southeastern Pest Control
  • Hooben v. Waller Pest Control & Termite
  • James vs. All-Star Pest Control
  • Jenkins vs. Allied-Bruce Terminix
  • Jeter v. Orkin Exterminating Co.
  • Larkin v. Orkin Exterminating Co.
  • Lunsford v. Champion Pest Control
  • Marca, LLC v. Knox Pest Control
  • Marsh vs. Bradshaw Termite & Pest Control
  • Mendheim vs. Dickerson Pest Control
  • Moore vs. All-Star Pest Control
  • Mullen vs. Terminator Pest Control
  • Real vs. Allied-Bruce Terminix
  • Real vs. Florida Pest Control
  • Reardon vs. Dickerson Pest Control
  • Robles vs. Dickerson Exterminating Co.
  • Scarborough vs. Bradshaw Termite Control
  • Sloop vs. Terminix International
  • Smith v. Orkin Exterminating Co.
  • Spedale vs. Terminix International
  • Tew vs. Allied-Bruce Terminix
  • Warren vs. Allied-Bruce Terminix
  • Williams vs. Pest-Ex Exterminating Co.
  • Wyatt vs. Allied Bruce Terminix

We have established an extensive document library of expert depositions used by the pest control companies, as well as other documents obtained from the pest control industry that reveal the manner in which they conduct their business.  Let us use our wealth of documentation and experience in litigating pest damage cases to benefit you.