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Experts in the practice of Family Law, the Alabama Divorce Law Firm of Buntin, Etheredge, & Fowler take a holistic approach to helping clients effectively resolve their Family Law matters, and have been successfully representing clients in and around Alabama for decades. The compassionate and aggressive legal advocates at Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler provide thorough and caring legal representation and address the concerns of their clients within the broader contexts of their lives.

Family Law Lawyers at Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler use experience, tenacity and creativity to serve and to protect the rights of numerous clients with a net worth of tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Alabama Family Law Attorneys of Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler

Contact the Alabama Law Offices of Family Law Attorneys at 334-793-3377 to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation with a Alabama State Family Law Expert. Evening and weekend meetings are available by appointment. The Law Offices of Buntin, Etheredge, & Fowler work diligently to bring about a successful resolution in the most difficult cases, including those which involve highly complex legal & financial issues.

Family Law Representation in Alabama

At the Alabama Law Firm of Family Law Attorneys at Buntin, Etheredge, & Fowler, we provide experienced, compassionate and skilled legal representation to clients in a wide variety of Divorce and Family Law related matters, including the following:

  • Divorce – Caring, experienced representation in Contested and Non-Contested Divorce Cases.

  • Complex Divorces – Aggressive Family Law Advocate in Complex Divorces involving High

Asset Proceedings.

  • Community Property – Equitable Division of Community Property Assets. Aggressive pre-trial

discovery to locate hidden assets if necessary.

  • Child Custody – Caring representation to bring about peaceful resolutions regarding the custody and well-being of the children. Aggressive legal advocate for parties involved in international child abduction cases.

  • Child Visitation – Fair and reasonable parenting plans that promote the best interests of the children.

  • Annulment – Representation in all annulment cases with an emphasis on annulment based on fraud.

  • Paternity – Initial determination of Paternity to establish parental rights, duties and obligations.

  • Spousal Support – Comprehensive case analysis to determine if Spousal Support (Alimony) will be at issue in your case. We take a creative approach to Alimony cases and can help you successfully resolve Spousal Support Disputes.

  • Prenuptial Agreements – Drafting, reviewing and revising comprehensive Prenuptial Agreements.

  • Modifications – Post Judgment Modifications of Child Support, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Property Division with respect to Omitted Assets or Fraud, and Spousal Support Modifications.

  • Grandparents Rights – Complex Grandparents Rights cases to establish visitation rights or seek custody.

  • Bankruptcy & Divorce – Financial considerations moving forward after divorce, including filing for bankruptcy.

The Alabama Family Law Specialists at Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler are expert Family Law Advocates who go beyond the focus of traditional Divorce Law to represent clients who have diverse family law needs. If circumstances prevent the Attorneys of Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler from peacefully resolving your case through negotiation, divorce mediation, or voluntary settlement, the Attorneys of Buntin, Etheredge, & Fowler have the experience and skills necessary to litigate your case and obtain fair and just results on your behalf.

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