A key factor in selecting an attorney for civil litigation is courtroom experience, and the Alabama Civil Litigation Attorneys of Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler have that.

Civil Litigation is a term lawyers and judges use to refer to the wide variety of legal matters other than criminal cases. Civil Litigation includes a very broad range of law practice areas. Basically, it includes all court cases that do not involve a criminal prosecution.

The areas of law we practice all fall within the broad definition of civil litigation. However, there are many other kinds of civil litigation we expertly handle.

Some common examples of the civil litigation we offer at the Alabama Law Firm of Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler include situations where a lawsuit has already been filed, or may need to be filed, because of a disagreement involving: a Real Estate issue; a Foreclosure issue; a Business issue – whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC is involved; a Contract issue; a Probate issue; a Trust Administration issue; a Will Contest; a question about whether Insurance Coverage applies or not; and, many other kinds of cases.

Most people don’t know that the key factor in selecting the right attorney for a civil litigation case is courtroom experience and trial expertise. All civil litigation involves a case that is in court, about to go to court, and that may go to trial. Over the decades we’ve seen too many people hire large-firm attorneys who are very knowledgeable about the area of law, i.e. real estate, business or probate; but who are not experienced in “litigation.” By definition, litigation involves specialized practice in the courts, at depositions and in the trial of cases, whether before a judge or a jury. Having an experienced trial attorney will greatly increase the chance of the other side settling the case in your favor, instead of risking taking the case to trial. However, if your case does go to trial, your chances of a successful result are dramatically enhanced by having a highly experienced trial lawyer at your side.

Whether your case involves a jury trial, or a trial to a judge, at the Alabama Law Offices of Buntin, Etheredge, and Fowler our attorneys have extensive courtroom and trial experience. You can maximize the chance of obtaining a successful result in your civil litigation matter at reasonable cost by selecting the right attorney.

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